Planning to get your waste recycled? At Bolte’s Sunrise Sanitation, our team helps make your recycling efforts easier with our hauling and recycling service for both commercial construction sites and residential properties. Whether you only have a few items that need to be recycled or a mass of material, let us see to it that it is properly disposed of.


Do you have stacks of cardboard that needs to be recycled? We can take that too. In addition to paper products, we can also recycle most items that are made from glass, plastic, and even metal. There are certain products that are not biodegradable, however, so be sure to ask our customer oriented staff if you are unsure as to which items can be recycled.


We value our standing as an eco-friendly company by providing recycling solutions for a variety of different materials, including wood, concrete, dirt, shingles, and cardboard. By taking the time to recycle these materials we are helping to create a better, more sustainable environment. In addition to the recycling of common construction materials, we can also accommodate residential waste that needs to be recycled. Some of the most commonly recycled household waste products include paper items, such as newspapers, telephone books, and computer paper.

Trust our team to come to your property and pick up your recyclable items efficiently and quickly. You’ll receive prompt service Monday to Saturday. What’s more, we work extended weekday hours so that we can better accommodate your busy schedule. Don’t let your waste have a negative impact on the environment, but instead contact one of our customer service representatives to schedule a pickup for recycling.